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Saturday Green Links – 8/11

Mosquitos with first West Nile and now EEE have been found in Massachusetts, leading to some serious pesticide spraying. Does anyone know more about the effects of sumithrin and ­piperonyl butoxide? Spraying for EEE will be repeated – Boston Globe. State officials say they are taking pesticide worries seriously by using sumithrin, combined with ­piperonyl butoxide to […]

Saturday Green Links – 8/4

So Apple responded to their customers’ disapproval by rejoining EPEAT. That still doesn’t change the fact that their laptops are basically unrecyclable. Apple and the Environment – Apple emphasizes that they make energy-efficient computers, but they should still consider the full product life cycle. How a Cellphone’s Case Can Imitate Its Maker – New York […]

Saturday Green Links – 7/14

I’m so disappointed in Apple. They’ve glued the motherboards and batteries to the cases in their new Macbook Pro and Air models, so they can’t be taken apart for recycling. Apple Pulls Mac Lineup from EPEAT Certification – Mac Observer. Apple has taken themselves out of the running for the environmental certification that they helped create, […]

Saturday Green Links – 7/7

Despite the unfortunate title, this infographic has a good point. A one-time change that has long-term impact is much more worthwhile than something you have to remember to do regularly. Acting Green Vs. Buying Green Infographic – The Good Human. Focusing on technology changes rather than behavioral changes leads to more reliable long-term effects. Tips on […]

Belated Saturday Green Links – 7/2

The big story in Boston last week: “The seas along the East Coast from North Carolina to New England are rising three to four times faster than the global average.” Rising sea level a threat in East, study says – Boston Globe. “The maps show that if sea levels rise just 2.5 feet, it could take […]