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Random Tip: Free Starbucks on Earth Day

I started using a reusable cup just in time: This Friday, Starbucks is offering free beverages to people who bring in their own cups. Of course, this doesn’t absolve them of all responsibility for the trash they generate the rest of the year. But though I don’t see people using reusable cups in Starbucks very […]

Reusable vs. Disposable Cups

Okay, I admit it: I’m not going to shake my iced chai latte addiction. I intended to give them up six months ago (and did for a while), but now I’m back to drinking them almost every day. So if I’m not going to make the perfect choice—stop buying the stupid things—I’ll make the slightly […]

Getting the Caffeine Monkey off My Back

I think it’s time for another confessional. In the last six months I’ve gotten hooked on caffeine. And since I hate the taste of coffee, it’s taken the form of a Starbucks iced chai latte. It started because I was so tired and thirsty when I got to work on my bike, and now that […]