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Digging through Cambridge Candidates’ Trash

Update: Marjorie Decker’s pulled ahead, with 6 more today! I can only assume she forgot to mail them until now… Our doorbell was ringing constantly this weekend, and not just on Halloween. The election for Cambridge City Council and School Committee is coming up on November 8, and the candidates (or their staffers) are really […]

Festival Recycling: 3 Lessons Learned

On Thursday I talked about some of the vendors I discovered at the Boston Local Food Festival. But the thing I was really taken with last year was the trash collection. This year they diverted 13.16% more waste  than last year—by composting 3,600 lbs, recycling 1,820 lbs, and only throwing away 900 lbs. I even […]

Random Tip: Free Starbucks on Earth Day

I started using a reusable cup just in time: This Friday, Starbucks is offering free beverages to people who bring in their own cups. Of course, this doesn’t absolve them of all responsibility for the trash they generate the rest of the year. But though I don’t see people using reusable cups in Starbucks very […]

Reusable vs. Disposable Cups

Okay, I admit it: I’m not going to shake my iced chai latte addiction. I intended to give them up six months ago (and did for a while), but now I’m back to drinking them almost every day. So if I’m not going to make the perfect choice—stop buying the stupid things—I’ll make the slightly […]

Boston Local Food Festival: Zero Waste?

The Boston Local Food Festival was seriously crowded on Saturday. (After elbowing through people for half an hour, Jason and I actually ended up eating lunch at a bar down the street and came back after it cleared out a bit.) There were so many interesting booths, from organic restaurants to local farms to random […]