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Interview with Save That Stuff’s Adam Mitchell

Over on the Boston Local Food Festival blog, I talk to to Save That Stuff’s Adam Mitchell about how the company is able to divert so much waste for the festival. (They’re so successful that we’ve contracted the company for the Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival in September!) I was also really interested in what he […]

Festival Recycling: 3 Lessons Learned

On Thursday I talked about some of the vendors I discovered at the Boston Local Food Festival. But the thing I was really taken with last year was the trash collection. This year they diverted 13.16% more waste  than last year—by composting 3,600 lbs, recycling 1,820 lbs, and only throwing away 900 lbs. I even […]

Big Belly Update

I have to admit, I feel kind of bad trashing the Big Belly solar compactors that have been popping up around the city. In theory they’re good. And while there are no replacements yet for the ones on Newbury Street or Mass. Ave., I’ve seen some new models in Copley, Central, and Harvard squares. These ones are a new design and seem to be getting much less disgusting.

Big Bellies

Big Belly solar trash compactors have been talked about a lot lately. The idea is that because they hold more trash, garbage collectors only have to pick it up one-fifth as often, thus saving gas (and the garbage collectors’ time). It sounds great, but I’m not sure the product’s quite there yet. A couple years […]