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Interview with Green Cambridge President Quinton Zondervan, Part 2

Earlier this week I spoke to Green Cambridge president Quinton Zondervan about the work that the volunteer group is doing in the community. But even more interesting to me, as an organizer of Berklee’s sustainability group, was the chance to pick his brain about how he’s able to keep the group going in what little […]

Interview with Green Cambridge President Quinton Zondervan, Part 1

Quinton Zondervan has only been president of Green Cambridge for a year, but he’s already revitalized a volunteer organization that was on the verge of collapse. He was gracious enough to talk to me about the work that the group does and how he pulls together volunteers with diverse interests (stay tuned for the latter […]

Interview with Cambridge Recycling Director Randi Mail, Part 2

On Tuesday, I shared my conversation with Randi Mail, recycling director for the City of Cambridge, about Cambridge’s new single-stream recycling program. In the process we touched on some general waste and recycling questions that I thought I’d share here. If you have any other questions or want to attend the recycling facility tour, let […]

Cambridge Switches to Single-Stream Recycling

On October 25, Cambridge is switching to single-stream recycling. Also called zero-sort recycling, this method allows residents to throw all recyclables into one bin, rather than separating paper and cardboard from plastic, glass, and metal. It’s a method that’s already been adopted by many urban areas worldwide, with great results. To find out more about […]