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How to Recycle Styrofoam

A guest post by Sharon Tomasulo, from Library Hungry. Polystyrene is the bane of my existence. It enters my life in enormous chunks, wrapped around a new microwave or humidifier or DVD player. And there’s no way to get rid of it. If I throw it away, it lives on forever in a landfill.  Local recycling […]

Random Tip: Holiday Light Trade-In at Home Depot

For one more week, Home Depot will recycle your old Christmas lights and give you a coupon for $3–5 off LED lights. LED lights use 80% less energy and can last ten times longer than regular lights. Thanks to Green Lifestyle Consulting for the tip!

Festival Recycling: 3 Lessons Learned

On Thursday I talked about some of the vendors I discovered at the Boston Local Food Festival. But the thing I was really taken with last year was the trash collection. This year they diverted 13.16% more waste  than last year—by composting 3,600 lbs, recycling 1,820 lbs, and only throwing away 900 lbs. I even […]

Dedham Environmental Coordinator Virginia LeClair, Part 2

On Tuesday I shared the first part of my conversation with Virginia LeClair, environmental coordinator for the town of Dedham, about the evolution of her job. We also talked about some outreach campaigns that the town is still working on. Read on to find out more. What’s the Cool Dedham campaign? The Cool Dedham campaign […]

Dedham Environmental Coordinator Virginia LeClair

Virginia LeClair, environmental coordinator for the town of Dedham, is exactly who I want to be when I grow up. (Let’s all ignore the fact that she’s also exactly my age.) Since she was hired four years ago, the town has been recognized multiple times for its sustainability efforts. I spoke to Virginia in May, […]