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Oxybenzone: Worse than Parabens?

You may remember that back in June I begged for moisturizer recommendations. After six months of trial and error I still haven’t found anything ideal. I may have to revise my expectations. Even the moisturizers advertised as paraben free generally contained oxybenzone, a chemical that’s classified by the Environmental Working Group as worse than parabens. Of […]

Random Tip: Recycle Bottle Caps with Aveda

You may remember from my recycling plant tour that plastic objects under three inches don’t get recycled because they fall off the conveyer berlt or through the sorting machines. To solve that problem, Aveda is sorting the caps beforehand and sending in loads of just caps. (Thanks for the heads-up, Elisabeth!) Bring your caps to […]

Crystal Deodorant: One Year Later

It looks like I’ve finally found the limits of my Crystal deodorant—in two different ways. First off, the heat and the stress of my first day in Cuba overwhelmed it, and I had to switch to an antiperspirant. (You’re welcome, Roya and Debbie!) This is the first time I’ve had to do that in the […]

Make Razor Blades Last Longer with Olive Oil

As you know, I switched razors a while back to try to get them to last longer. It worked, but not as well as I would have liked. To get my blade to last even longer, I’ve started storing it in olive oil. Everyone knows you can extend a razor’s life by keeping it outside […]

A Hat to Bike in

It’s been really cold biking lately, and I’m prone to earaches—especially on windy bridges. So I asked around about how people wear hats with their helmets. My friend Dave wears a headband-type-thing that covers just his ears. He says his head gets too hot under his helmet for a hat. My friend Elisabeth wears really […]