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Random Tip: Recycling Plant Tour

Liked my tour of Casella Recycling? Want to go on one yourself? Cambridge residents can sign up for upcoming tours on April 13, May 19, and June 14. Email to sign up. Can’t make the tour? Find out more information on the City of Cambridge’s recycling program on their website. They have lots of […]

Recycle Anything with Earth911

I’ve shared ways to recycle some random things, like cell phones and inkjet cartridges. But don’t you wish there was one place where you could find out where to recycle pretty much anything? There is. My friend Sharon pointed me to Earth911, a site where you can type in your zip code and what you’re […]

Erase Your Computer Before Recycling

On Tuesday I talked about recycling our old cell phones. This came about because of a fall cleaning of our office, and the biggest piece of electronics that we needed to get rid of was our desktop computer. My tech guru, Jason, talks about how he prepared it for reuse. Our computer turned 10 this […]

Interview with Cambridge Recycling Director Randi Mail, Part 2

On Tuesday, I shared my conversation with Randi Mail, recycling director for the City of Cambridge, about Cambridge’s new single-stream recycling program. In the process we touched on some general waste and recycling questions that I thought I’d share here. If you have any other questions or want to attend the recycling facility tour, let […]

Random Tip: Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's

I just found out about this Kiehl’s program to recycle their empty containers. For every ten empties we bring in, we get one free full-sized product. I’m not sure that recycling at Kiehl’s is any better than through my town, but I’m always up for free stuff. And I like the idea of companies being responsible for their products from cradle to grave.